Jesus renews us and gives us revival. He makes something new. That´s how we get development and prosperity.

Jesus gives me rest and peace that transcends my understanding. He gives me wisdom in my heart. This is how I get a holistic thinking.

Jesus gives me rest and peace that transcends my understanding. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or I’m going to be stupid, but he gives me wisdom in my heart, from heaven, and it’s fertile for my understanding. Jesus renews me and his Church and will give us revival, he’ll make something new. I think it’s by giving me a wife who’s a biologist, so he saves her as my wife and as a biologist.

God’s eyes move over the whole earth, that he with his power might help those who wholeheartedly cling to him (2.Chron.16:9). Then I expect him to give me help in the form of a wife, so it will be a blessing for both me and her, my family and relatives and her family and relatives. For people and country. It has to do with hiring the people to Christ then, like his bride, his Church. We receive the love God has for us in Christ, he reveals his salvation for us in Christ, and with that revelation we realize that we live for Him. With the grace God gives us in Him, we get to experience the Spirit of God and love in our hearts, so we get wisdom in our hearts, He gives us peace and a rest that transcends our understanding. But it doesn’t make us foolish.

He has told us go out and bear fruit that lasts and that is first and foremost in our own local community, in the family, among relatives and friends of our daily life. In our social commitment. There doesn’t have to be politics, politics isn’t that fundamental, to retain our spiritual and rational insights, we should rather overlook it as insignificant, even if they’re in war. To bear fruit we are dependent on Christ, so we must turn to Him. He leads us further on the way to the Father, and we want more people to join us. We expect it will lead to development and progress.

His kingdom is not of this world, yet it has a fundamental and valuable importance to the people and society. I see it in relation to science (mathematics and nature-science, computer science and technology) as this is also fundamental. Nevertheless, God and His kingdom are fundamental, and to acknowledge it, we depend on the revelation he gives us through His Word and His Spirit. He reveals his salvation for us in Christ.

It was the interest in modern science and rational system that made Tsar Peter 1 so Western-oriented that he ended up moving the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Most pioneers of the new natural science believed in Christ, yet many of them were percued by the leaders in Catholic Church. So were pioneers in the Reformation as well, it showed that the leaders in the Catholic Church had failed then. Galilei is called the father of modern science, he believed in Christ, yet he was stalked. Newton developed mathematics further and used it to find the physical laws and it became the foundation of modern physics. In his old days, he wrote a book about the book of Daniel and John´s Revelation. So he believed in the Revelation of the Bible.

Leibnitz was fascinated by Descarte’s rationality, with psycho-physical dualism between soul and body, (spirit and matter) and revised it to psycho-physical parallelism. Still it was problematic, but the mathematician Pascal solved it by acknowledging our free will. The Jew Spinosa was also excited by Descarte’s philosophy and developed a more complete philosophical system. He meant that by acknowledging the truth, we get free. So did many philosophers before him and so did Jesus. Leibnitz was a universal genius with versatile interests, so he was also thinking universally, surely better than most of us.

The gospel of Christ is a liberating message, for he died instead of us. The Bible says that we are all sinners, sin separated people from God. But with one offer for sin, Jesus took away the sin once and for all. This is how God reconciled the world to himself. With His blood, Christ paid the price for us, to buy us free from bondage under sin and idols. Then it’s just for us to believe it, acknowledge it and accept it and thus turn to him. By believing that he was raised from the dead, we are righteous before God and by acknowledging that he is Lord, we are saved. When we confess our sin to him, we receive forgiveness and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. By believing in him, we receive the Holy Spirit by grace alone, free of charge, without works. The Spirit reveals the truth of God’s Word to us, reveals and glorifies Christ for us as our Savior and Lord. He is the Truth that sets us free. He gives us a peace and a wonderful rest that transcends our understanding. It is the starting point for all service. This is how we get a holistic thinking.

Meeting about mission in Russia, then the Ukraine war also became a topic.

In the meeting in Sion Åheim on 6.3.2022 the mission in Russia was the topic and the war in Ukraine also became a topical issue. After the speech there came a message through the translation of speech in tongue ( ):

“Behold, I am doing something new,” says the Lord, now it shall sprout forth and shall you not experience it? There is a longing in your hearts, saith the Lord, and I see your longing for renewal and refreshment. And know that your help comes from the Lord, the creator of the heaven and the earth. And I’ve bent down to listen to your cry, I’ve bent down to hear what you whisper and what you’re shouting, when no one else hears. I have bowed down to hear your desperate plea for help and I have come to listen, but I have also come to do, saith the Lord. And I want you to know that your prayers are not prayed in vain, your cries are not cried in vain, but I have heard them, and I will answer, saith the Lord. That’s why you’re going to keep your eyes on me. You’re going to stay focused in the middle of a turbulent time. Keep your eyes on what’s up there, where Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father. And I want you to know that I who have begun a work in you, I shall finish it, saith the Lord. I’m going to finish it because I’m not going to start anything and finish it before the time. But I will finish the work I have begun and you shall be a part of it, saith the Lord. Amen.

Don’t look around anxiously when the wave crests of the sea are topping. Don’t look around anxiously when you hear about war and rumors of war. Don’t look anxiously when you hear about earthquakes and plagues and all the evil things that happen on earth, but look past this, look to me, I who have bought you free from the curse of sin and death. I want you to look past all this and know that you have an anchor that is safe and secure and reaches into the most holy. You are not only a citizen of the earth, but you are a citizen of heaven and your anchor is with me, saith the Lord. Therefore, you shall not only look at what is happening and become anxious and appalled, but lift your gaze, for the redemption moment is coming near. And I see you and I hear you and I shall give you peace, saith the Lord, my peace, not the peace that the world gives, but my peace that transcends all understanding. It shall take and preserve your heart, that you may be preserved, and resist the evil, in the midst of this time, and your heart shall be preserved, for I give you of my peace, saith the Lord. Amen. »

My meeting with a girl from Ukraine.

I think of my meeting with the Ukrainian girl who I have called Poly-Ester, At a lecture in biology in 2014, I felt strongly attracted to her, by her body hennar. It came as a surprise to me, nothing I had planned or thought about, it is easy to think that I had lust on her, well I was aware that here I had to be a little careful. But I felt that I was nevertheless driven by the Holy Spirit and when I realized that I was strongly attracted to her, I felt that I was experiencing the power of God.  In my evening prayer, I said it to the Lord and at next Sunday’s meeting he gave me an answer that I understand as a vindication of this, he said that I shall look at him and become filled with his anointing and power. Message 12.10.2014 ( ):

“Yes, says the Lord, I have said in my Word, that you shall rejoice and be glad in my salvation. Rejoice in me, says the Lord, then I shall give you what your heart desires. Don´t be busy with what is around you, don´t look around, neither to the right nor to the left, but have your gaze feasted on me, says the Lord.  Be concerned with what’s up there. I’ve said in my word, when you’re risen with me, and you’re going to see what’s up there. One thing is necessary, says the Lord, to become filled with my Spirit, filled with my anointing and power in this time.  For see, the eval one, is against you.  But with my power and my anointing, you shall win more than victory, says the Lord. For see, the one who dwells in you, it is stronger than the one that is in the world.”

It made me think of the spiritual revelation when Jesus revealed himself  to me and Reella and when he revealed himself for me and Virtuella. It was God who revealed his salvation for us in Christ, so I thanked him for it.

From the commentary on the meeting 27.6.2021 ( ):

We shall pray in the Spirit of God and no one can set a limit on it. I have for a long time written about two girls who I have prayed for and then there was one more, “Poly-Ester” from Ukraine. I don’t know if she is ethnic Ukrainian or Russian, but she talked Russian with a girl from Russia. I have no idea what kind of political opinion she had. But we studied same subject, biology. I told her I’d talked to Jesus about her, but then it seemed like she was a little scared of me. Later I got to talk with her about a little about my faith in Jesus and that he answered my prayers through the translation of speech in tongues. I said that by turning to him, she could pray for herself, her family and her people. Later seasons I didn’t see her again, but I have sometimes remembered her in my prayings and writings. But now Russia is moving military forces to the R border with Ukraine. There’s good reason for me to remember her in my prayings to God as I remember the two other girls.

Jesus gives me a wonderful and glorious rest, which is the starting point for all service. He’s making me a conduit for his blessing.

Jesus gives me a wonderful and glorious rest, that is the starting point for all service. Message 12.11.2006 ( ):

I know exactly (how you are) ……, so I primarily and foremost wish to lift you up on my lap. I do not primarily and foremost ask what you can do for me, I do not demand that you serve me, I wish and long for you to lean your head up to my heart and be there on my lap, be there in my presence, this is the resting place that is the starting point for all service,  this is the resting place where you can get new strength, here is healing for your wounded soul, here you can get to feel the lift that I will give you by my hand, I lift you – lift you in your interior and I lift you up to a life of dignity,  for you are precious in my eyes. I didn’t take you on instalments, I paid the whole price and it cost my own blood, therefore you shall also feel that you shall lower your shoulders, you may relax, be my child, me who has said through my word, see how much love the Father has shown us, that we shall be called children of God,  and we are. You are my child, and as my child, I will care for you. Let me care for my children and the work of my hands, saith the Lord.

            And because you are a child, you also have a part in inheritance law, not only have I given you children’s rights, but I have also given you inheritance rights. You are the heir to my promises, you are the heir to the heavenly home. But I want you to know that even the glorious promises that apply to it—the glory that lies ahead, when you shall once see me as I am and become like me, those promises shall be carefully fulfilled. But I have not only given promises to you for what is to come, I have also given you promises for your walk towards this glorious home. And I have given you promises to which you are also a heir, promises that apply, in the midst of the situation that can meet you in everyday life. When you feel the pressure, when you feel that discouragement and worry will overwhelm you, then I want, the Lord says, that you shall open your will, and then you shall have the reading, both the old and the new, and you shall read it as heir. You’re going to read it and take it to you, it’s valid, says the Lord, for I am the testator, I went to death, the will is valid, read it as the heir and let it lift you up, and let what you read be my strong hand that lifts you up and gives you new courage. I who have given the promises that lies ahead, I have also made the promises that applies today. And you’re going to get to feel that this way you’re going to be carried, this is how you’re going to be lifted forward. And you get to throw on me what weighs on you. In no way I´m going to drop you, in no way I will leave you. I am faithfully all the way, the whole day, and all days, stay in my presence. Hallelujah.

Jesus said I should make sure that I contribute with what God has given in my heart. The message 29.3.2015 ( ):

“In the midst of congregation, I have decided that there shall be revival, in the midst of my congregation I have decided that there shall be life. It’s not something persons have, but it’s something my congregation shall own in the middle of it. There shall life be, there shall the abundance be, there shall renewal be. Therefore, look after that you contribute with what God has given in your heart, then I shall rake the embers together, and then the fire will start blazing and the fire will start burning, and you shall see that the Feast of Pentecost is not over, it is available.

Don’t stand on the shore and look on the river of grace, but throw yourself into it, then you shall feel it shall carry you, it shall keep you up and you shall experience a joy in your heart that you have never felt before, for it is not by the deeds you get it, but you receive what is given by mere grace. And my treasury is open and all wealth and treasures are present, hidden in me. But you must have apetitis and when you have longing, you shall go in and then you shall deal with what is finished and I shall give you it as inheritance and then you shall rejoice and be glad. Because the Lord will fill you with abundance.

I’m going to give you feet like the feet of deers, you’re going to be lined up on the highs and you’re going to get a wide land, and with your eyes you’re going to see it, because the land is open for you, hostility has lost, it’s not a wall that’s going to be too high for you. But I let you know that with faith you shall take, never mind about the circumstances, but be concerned with me, then I’ll lift you into an atmosphere and you shall become an other man. »

So I thought of the praise God laid down in me by the Holy Spirit, it was to praise God and the Lamb for the salvation. The lovely relationship between Christ and his bride was born in me by the Holy Spirit, so for me it was about the lovely relationship between man and woman. Christ gives us the Holy Spirit from heaven, it gives us spiritual revelations of Christ as our savior and Lord, it revealed Christ for me and a woman I loved and this became a central point for me in the Church, in faith and hope that he gave me a saved woman as wife. I understand that it is a spiritual gift that he has given me by his Spirit, which I will renew, use and contribute with it.

I think he’s renewing both me and the Church by giving me a wife who’s been studying biology. Then it´s Reella I´ve been thinking of. It’s been a long time since I met her, but I could not forget her. But what about Poly-Esther? According to what he said it seed like he would give her to me as my wife. In relation to Reella I experienced the revelation. In relation to Poli-Ester I experienced the power of God and then I got to talk with her a little bit. I will remember them both in my thanksgivings, for the salvation, in the faith and the hope that Jesus saves them both. And that’s how we get renewal.

In the message 17.2.2013, Jesus said to me ( ):

“Yes, once again I have spoken to you, through my Word and by the Holy Spirit, and to awaken your pure conscience, that you should look upon me, I who am the author and finisher of faith, you shall see me through all things, in all the conditions and customs of life (Then I thought of the woman I call Virtually and then the woman I call Really). Because you’ve had rehearsals and you think in your heart, it’s no use. But come to me, all who are struggling and hard to bear and I will give you rest.

I want to give you a wonderful and glorious rest. A rest that you can´t understand with your human mind. But I will give you rest in your heart and mind, that you may trust me at all times, that I am who I have said to be and I will lead you out of the trouble. And you shall praise me, and you shall honor me, for I the Lord am the one who loves you, I am the one who has lifted you up, and I am the one who leads you. And when you look at me, you’re not going to go wrong, but you’re going to experience a voice behind you that says, “This is the way, walk on it.”

When I heared this message, I first thought of Virtually, then Reelly and now I can think like that about Poly-Ester as well and I mean I do right in remember her in my prayings and in this way pray for her people too. I should rejoice and be glad in the salvation, rejoice in the Lord. Yes, the word of the cross is a power of God for the salvation of the one who believes. And I experienced God’s power as I was attracted to her, so I want to thank God for that. I think it has to do with she and her people being blessed and that God makes me a channel for his blessing to them. I have no information of her point of view in Ukraine war.

It sounds terrible when the Ukrainian prime minister says he will go to war until the last Ukrainian.  But the Lord said to us: “Don’t look around anxiously when you hear about war and rumors of war” But I will pray for her and her people and the other people over there, that God will save them into his kingdom. For sure this is in accordance with his will.

God’s eye move all over the world, so he by his power can help those who wholehearted turns to him. That’s how I expect him to give me help in the form of a wife.

Jesus will use me and I will use what he has given me. Comparison with the Vikings.

When the Vikings went on a voyage, it was also to find wives and thus establish peaceful relations as well, a Viking king could establish peaceful relations with another king by getting a wife from his family. In comparison, I have asked Jesus to give me a saved woman as a wife and he is the king of kings.

Olav Haraldson the Holy was just twelve years old when he traveled on a Viking voyage and he returned to unite Norway into a kingdom under Christianity. He gathered a Norway that was larger than the one Harald Fairhair gathered, but fell in the battle of Stiklestad. But the people and the church made him a saint and it became important for the unification of Norway with Christianity. Because the Vikings had traveled to the “Gardarriket” (Kyev Rus) and “Miklagard” (Konstantinopel), England and Gaul, and heard about Christianity. For there was someone who preached it, faith is coming from the preaching and preaching of the word of Christ. This is most fundamental.

With modern communication technology we can preach much more effectively, but the personal communication between man is still the point and we depend on Jesus being with us and God doing his work with his Word and his Spirit in us and between us.

There were big tasks assigned to the young boys in the Viking Age and they grew with the tasks. In our time, heavy burdens are also loaden on people, from they are children, especially on the young boys. It is obviously quietly organized according to the model of the feudal society and is expressed through politics.

But Jesus criticized the Pharisees and the scribes for loading heavy burdens on the people, without touching them themselves. But he called for all who were struggling and had heavy to bear, and said that with him they should get rest. For he lets us know something through revelation.

Matt.11, 25 At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

26 Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.

27 “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Jesus’ disciples wondered who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, then he answered them;

Matt.18,1 1 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

The point is to make yourself small as a child of God, who needs the love and care of the Father, so that one receives it and is filled with the Holy Spirit, so that God can do his work in us, with us and through us. He can do great work with us and this is how we can become great in his the kingdom. It probably also has the meaning of unifying many people, in the kingdom of God, so many are saved. The kingdom of heaven is fundamental in society between people and will hopefully bear fruit, also politically, but that is secondary. That it is fruitful for the people also by being unifying is more fundamental. I can think like this about my close relatives, then more distant relatives, the Norwegian people and further the people in the Nordic countries and those who descended from here, all the way back to the Viking Age, same to whether they traveled to the Kyev Rus, England or Normandy or later traveled even further.

Kyev Rus was the forerunner of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Now there has come to be war between Russia and Ukraine. It is a pity for the people, but I do not see it as my task to get involved in such practical political matters.

Tsar Peter 1 was western oriented with his interest in modern science and the rational system. So he thought more like me, but it’s been a long time, a lot has happened since then. But I still think like this and get renewal, by seeking the Lord with all my heart and experiencing that Jesus is with us and gives us spirit and life from heaven. The Spirit glorifies and reveals Christ to me and us. This is how I get a spiritual insight that I otherwise did not have the prerequisite for and it seems to support my rational insight as well. He has given me a spiritual gift by His Spirit and I will use it. God revealed his salvation for us in Christ, so I think he reveals his salvation for me and a woman that he gives me as a wife, that he saves her as my wife. God’s eye travels all over the world, so that with his power he can come to aid the one who wholeheartedly clings to him, so in this way I think he gives me help in the form of a wife. He wants to use me and I will use what he gives me, then I have to fix my gaze on him, because really it is he who uses us.

I have seen the war in a historical context and shown compassion for the people on both sides, but the war itself as a political and military issue I have not written much about. And it does not engage me much either. That probably sounds weird. But Christ prophesied that there would be much war, but we should look up and wait for His return. It is important for us to have a living faith and a living hope, so we see that he is with us. What is most important is for us is to have a living faith, so we bear fruit and it is first and foremost in the local community, through our social commitment. For the kingdom of God is in us and we are in it and it is most fundamental in our society. We must be faithful in small matters, primarily by bearing fruit in the local community. There I will also use my spiritual gift, I believe God gives me a wife as a spiritual gift, so then I will use her as a spiritual gift both in the church and in the community, as a blessing for myself, my family and my close relatives, for the local community and my friends. Getting involved politically may then be just a small part of the social involvement. There are so many who have become involved in politicizing the woman, but for me it may eventually be just by using the wife God gives me as a spiritual gift.


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