God creates through development. How can we have a free will then? Can a computer get consiousness? God chooses humble humans made of dust and uses them. He will not choose a computer instead.

My comments to two videos on closer to Truth, “Would intelligent aliens undermine God” and “What are Brains”.

Gud skaper og frelser.

Christian apologetic arguments are like it is unlikely that the universe with the earth and it’s life could have come to be by chance or by itself, because nothing creates itself. What about God? He has always been.What if they find intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy? Doesn’t it show that it is not so unlikely after all? No! He created it all, he created this earth. Then he can very well have created life on planets by other stars as well. When he has created that much, why not create life there too? He likes life, so he likely would.According to apostle John the Word was in the beginning, it was by God and it was God. In him was life and life was the light for humans. The word became flesh and lived among us. Those who received him he gave right to become children of God. For God loved the world so much that he sent his only Son, so that every one that believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life (Joh.1&3).He created the other species also by his Word and by caring for his children he will care for what he has created. Jesus wouldn’t leave his children fatherless, he sent them the Holy Spirit, so it should reveal Gods Word for them. He cares about them this way and this is what all the creature long for (Rom.8,18-27).It seems like theologians and scientist, “the intellectual elite”, agrees that if God has created intelligent life on earth, he must have become so disappointed, that he would never again create intelligent life anywhere else in the whole universe. What kind of “god” are they talking about?According to apostle John the Word was in the beginning with God and was God, in him was life and that life was the light for humans. The word became flesh and came among us, he came to his own but they did not receive him. But anyone who received him he gave right to become God’s child.According to apostle Paul, Jesus is the last Adam, who is from heaven and for us have become a life-giving spirit. How alienated is he to his Church? Like aliens that might possibly be on the other side of the galaxy?

God creates through development. This we can see from the second creation history in Genesis 2.

According to science human life began in Africa, likely in warm, sandy, desert area with little gras and some threes, because this is what naturally suited to humans, with their thin skin with little hair. Here they needed to develop the upright walking. Later some of them moved over to south Arabia and further east along the south coast, because here it was possible for them to survive. They came to Mesopotamia and here they developed a highly civilized river-culture. Later there were developed such cultures in Egypt, India and China, but in the Bible it is written only about Mesopotamia and Egypt. What if we compare this with the second creation history ion the Bible? To understand it we must regard Adam and Eve as a whole people. This might sound strange, but this is how the Bible talk about different peoples later also. It is said that the earth was dry without life, then there came a spring of water and God created the man from the wet soil. He had planted a garden in east, in Eden, and there he placed the man. He made all kinds of tree grow there. The animals and birds that lived there he had also formed from the ground. God said to Adam that he should cultivate and protect the garden and then he created the woman out of his rib, so that she should be a help that suited to him. This may sound strange, but with this interpretation I understand it this way, that God created through development, so that they should suit to the task he had given to them.

God creates through development, so he set enmity between the serpent and the woman.

Scientists have become pretty sure that the dinosaurs became extinct by asteroids colliding with the earth. If such a collision will happen again is more a matter of when. It is a matter of chance and quantum physics has shown that this is more fundamental than they knew before. That’s how it appears to us and when I read the Bible it seems like to a certain extent it appears like this to God also. He created by his Word and then he looked after it and saw that it was good. He also let his prophets say in advance what will happen and he watches over his Word that it will happen like he has planned. Then he also knows the past, like is told in the two creation histories and as far as I can see it suits to science.After the fall of sin God said to the serpent that he should be cursed above all the livestock, he should crawl on his belly and ear dust. He set enmity between him and the women, she would crush his head and he would strike her heel.Didn’t all serpent crawl on their belly already? Some reptiles have feet also, still they crawl on their belly. The reptiles and the birds originates from dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs could set their feet right down and lift their belly from the ground, some of them could walk on their back feet and developed hands. Some of them developed a thumb, it could be like an arrowhead. They ruled the world, but became extinct. If not they would have develop further more and still ruled the world, we don’t see any reason why not.The mammals were small and became smart to hide away. In this case the dinosaurs ruled the earth, that’s why mammals could not develop to become big yet. They could develop to fit into narrow channels, like martens and they could develop to become smarter, so that became their advantage instead of groing big and strong.
But after the rulers of the world were ruled out, the mammals started to develop to become dominant. The primates developed the properties to stand on two feet and get hands with fingers and thumb. Now we can say that the reptiles were about to develop humanlike properties, but that was stopped. But maybe there also is a chance that humans can develop reptile-like properties? But then God set enmity between the woman and the serpent. What’s the point? The typical primates properties are best developed in humans and their unique properties are in the cerebrum, to use language, symbols and mathematics. That’s why we need God’s Word with it’s symbolic speaking.

God cares for his children and for what he has created.

Jesus blessed the children and said to his disciples that they should let them come to him, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such ones. He said to the people they must become like children to come into the kingdom of heaven (Matt.18,3 & 19,14-15).

Jesus had talked about what their needs as something natural like for other creatures and species and their heavenly Father will obviously give it to them, the should just seek his kingdom and his righteousness, then they would get it all in addition (Matt.6).

He knew he would be killed and said it to them, but he would not leave them as fatherless children. Our heavenly Father rose him from the dead and set him at his throne in heaven. Then he sent them the Holy Spirit. So he loves and cares for his children this way and so he cares for what he has created.

Our relationship with him is restored like before the fall of sin, but now Christ is the last Adam, who is form heaven and for us has become a lifegiving spirit.

This gospel should be brought out to all the peoples, he creates them all according to the creation history in Genesis 2, one man and one woman represents one people. Christ’s Church is his bride and we are all one people in him.

Animals also have souls and spirit.

When an animal is born and starts to breath, it gets conscious because the blood brings more oxygen to the brain. So it is for humans too. Maybe this is why it is said in the Bible that the soul is in the blood, both for animals and for humans, because this is used symbolically when it is said in Genesis2 that God created man from wet soil and breathed the spirit of life into his nostrils, so that he got to be a  living soul. The point is that God is Spirit and with his spirit he gave him life and made him conscious, so that he acknowledged that he lived in society with God, he realised what God did and that he talked to him.

After the fall of sin God said to the man that he was soil and should return to the soil. So he was not really like God after all, for God is Spirit.

King Salomo said in Ecclesiastes3,18-22 that humans are like animals, both shall die and they both have the same spirit of life, they came from soil and return to soli, who knows if humans spirit goes up and animals spirit goes down?

God’s whife and God’s children.

In the old Testament it is said that “Mother Israel” was God’s wife. But she turned to gods made of sticks and stones and loved them instead, so became a whore and God just let her go. That turned out to be a bad punishment (Hosea2). But he would let her come back to him. This promise is fulfilled in the gospel of Jesus Christ, he is the head of the man and the man is the head of the woman and in this way Christ is the head of the Church that is his bride.

For he takes out their hearts of stone and gives them a heart of flesh and a new Spirit (Ezekiel.36,26).

God would pour out his Spirit over all people, then we realize a problem, the peoples sold his people like slaves, they sold boys for prostitutes and girls for wine and drank (Joel.2,28 & 3,3).

But Jesus payed the prize for us with his own blood, to by us back to him. Every one who received him he gave right to become Gods child, born by the Holy Spirit and what is born of the spirit is spirit. Then we belong to him and are saved. The Holy Spirit is like a seal that shows that we belong to him and a deposit of our heritage (2.Chor.1,21-22). This is quite personal and individual, so no one can replace any of us. He knows us by name and we know his voice and come to him like we are (John.10).

What about a robot, made of metal and plastic, “sticks and stone”. It may replace humans in a factory and it can be reproduced as much as you like. But God chooses humble humans made of dust, fills them with his Spirit and uses them for what he has created them too, so this they suits to also.

The foolish shepherd makes the sheep disabled.

In the Persian time the Israelis could return to their country and started to rebuild the temple (520 BC). The prophet Zachariah encouraged them, but then he prophesied about a hard time to come, when the incompetent shepherd pastured the flock of sheep to be slaughtered and those who sold them became rich and praised the Lord for it (Zachariah 11). This is about the Greek-Syrian time, under Antiochus 4. Epiphanes it was terribly hard, this Daniel had already prophesied (Dan.11). The incompetent shepherd got rid of three shepherds, surely to replace them. Later it is said that he sold the Lord for 30 silver pieces. It is a prophesy of Judas who betrayed Jesus. Then it is said that the Lord said to somebody: “Take again the equipment of a foolish shepherd …. Then it’s said that he does not care for them, but he eats the meat of the sheeps and tears off their hoofs. Woe to the worthless shepherd, who leaves the flock. In the old covenant they had the circumcision, the point was that they should obey the Law. It was done on the man’s body, the point surely was that when he wanted a women it was God sake too. Apostle Paul said that the point was to be circumcised in the heart by the Hole Spirit and this was by faith in Christ, so it was for gentiles too. We got the Spirit by faith in Christ, for free, without any claim of doing anything, therefor we shall not be circumcised on the body. For we are already circumcised in the heart by the Holy Spirit (Rom.2,25-29 Col.2,9-15). The Spirit is a seal that shows that we belong to him, that is to be saved. And it is a deposit of our heritage. Jesus is the good shepherd and he enables us by giving us spirit and life (Joh.6,63 & Joh.10.1….). But the Jewish leaders did not accept this and claimed that they should be circumcised. Apostle Paul said that they were already circumcised in the Spirit and that was enough. If somebody claims more it is like cutting off more and then the hurt themselves, but that not really the point. So they will become disabled instead of enabled. So the foolish shepherd disables them. Actually, what happens nowadays? Many gentiles circumcise, even girls, but this we don’t find in the Bible at all. Many changes sex, really? No, that is determined by their genes. What they really do is to make themselves sexually disabled. Why? Certainly because the foolish shepherd disables them.

The Pope as the foolish shepherd.

Moses was a mediator between God and man and he prophesied that there should come a prophet as a mediator between God and man like he had been, this is Jesus, he is the mediator of the new covenant. But in the catholic Church they started to think that Christ was so strict that the people needed the pope as mediator between him and them. Like this they needed the priests and the catholic saints too even though those “saints” were dead, so this became more like praying to the dead, despite this was not allowed according to the old covenant. We can compare this by when the serpent asked the women if God really didn’t let them eat from any of the trees in the garden. She gave a correct answer to that, but this is like giving a wrong answer to it, so it is more like after the fall of sin, when they were locked out of the garden. This does not suit to the childhood at our Fathers house we get by faith in Jesus, where we as God’s children could come to him with all our needs and wishes. What’s really the point in this? Likely to replace us and our needs and wishes by them and their needs and wishes. So it is like the foolish shepherd who pastured the flock of sheep to be slaughtered and those who sold them became rich and praised the Lord for it (Zachariah 11).

Many consider Christianity as a slave-moral, but that’s exactly what it is not, it is the childhood at our Father’s house, that is freedom.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) considered Christianity as a slave-moral, but after God’s death morals can be considered as a human invention and a result of experience and history. In this situation humans are destined to create themselves. It surely refers to that Jesus died on the cross. But then he left his children with a testament that shows their heritage. The true and living God rose him from the dead and set him with his right hand side in heaven. And he sent them the Holy Spirit and it is like a seal that shows that they belong to him and it is as a deposit of their heritage. If somebody tries to replace this testament or change it, and thereby squeeze out any of God’s children and replace them, so they shall not get these rights according to the testament, it must be regarded as corruption, injustice and criminality. How then? When a child comes to his Father and asks him for something, how can anyone come and push it away and say they want this instead of him or her? Pretending as if they shall speak on behalf of him and/or her, but then to change it to something else. In this way they sell them like slaves and somebody earns money this way and becomes rich and even praise the Lord for it. Nowadays it appears to be quite a lot of this in the churches and in the policy, in the democracies, so it seems like the foolish shepherd starts to talk like an idiot on behalf of you, to mock you as if you are just “stupid child”, what an idiot, just because he does not accept you to be able to talk for yourself. But this is not how churches and democracies should function.

When Jesus died, he left his disciples with a testament that showed what they owned as heirs.

Jesus told the people not to worry about what the body need, look at the birds and the lilies, they get what they need (Matt.6,25…). It’s natural, it suits to natural sciences. God cares for what he has created and cares for us like that, obviously. Then he told them to search first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, then they would get all this in addition.

He blessed the children ant told his disciples to let them come to him, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such ones. He told the people to be like children to come into it. He knew he was going to be killed and told them, but he would not leave them as fatherless children. The Father in heaven rose him from death and set him at his throne and he sent them the Holy Spirit.

God did not give us a spirit of slavery, so that we should become afraid again, but a spirit of childhood, that makes us shout Abba Father (Rom.8). This is freedom, as God’s children we can come to him with all our needs and wishes. In this way there is democracy in a Christian Church. Since Jesus died for us, it is like a testimony that tells us that we are heirs. And nobody can change a testimony (Gal.3,15 Heb.9,16). If somebody tries to do so, it is injustice and criminal.

We have come into such a relationship with God as humans were in before the fall of sin, but now Christ is the last Adam, who is from heaven and for us has become a life-giving spirit. He is the head of the man and the man is the head of the woman and in this way Christ is the head of the Church, that is his bride. Apostle Paul explained this bout from the gospel and the creation history in Genesis.2. In this way God cares of his children and what he has created, so it suits both to the gospel and to natural sciences.

If anyone revolt against this, it may result in revolt against democracy and real sciences. They may start with democracy, but end up with revolt against it. They may start up with real sciences and end up with revolt against it. This we see much of in our time, just watch out and think of it.

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