What are the scope and limits of science? Can “science” become dictatorship?

“Closer to truth” has a video about this and I participated in the discussion in the comment field. I’ll collect som of my comments here. Actually: Can science become dictatorship?

What is logics?

I am a very logically reasoning person, you see. Aristoteles is said to be the father of logics, but he did the mistake that he used it on visible things instead of ideas. Christian-platonisme was dominant 300-1200 ac, then came a synthesis of Christianity and Aristotelisme and became the philosophy of the catholic church. It was this that came in conflict with the emerging modern science. A similarly wrong logics we find in the dialectics in the philosophical direction Kant – Hegel – Marx …. But it violates mathematical logics and that is what is used in real sciences. This wrong method resulted in the Lysenko blunder in the Soviet Union under Stalin. It was said to be science, but was not. Nowadays it seems like there is a lot of political and religious interest in claiming something to be scientific, even real science, with similar methods, but it is not, because it is not with real scientific methods. On the contrary they draw conclusions that contradict real science. It turn out to be more like a new religion. They claim it to be science, but it is neither science, nor Christianity.

The scientific method: Measuring and weighing. But there is something deeply hidden and something infinite.

We find nature philosophy in the Bible long before the ancient Greek philosophers, written in poetry and regarded as a part of the wisdom. It is said that king Salomo knew a lot about nature, else it is not said much about it. We find little mathematics for practical use, in trade and in building. In trade they were told to use right measurements. It was used when building the temple. In this way we can say it gets a philosophical point. It is a symbol of the body, it is a temple for the Holy Spirit. In the new covenant we get the Holy Spirit by faith in Jesus, just because of mercy, for free, not because of anything we have done or can do, but just because Jesus died instead of us. It can’t be measured, so it can’t be used for trade. It also has the meaning that it is infinite. Jeremia prophesied about this in Jer.31 by natural philosophy, talking about ocean waves and light and claiming that the foundation of the earth down there and the heavens up there can not be examined. Light is waves also and it may remind me of the wavefunction too, yes, there is “something deeply hidden”. Now it has been examined quite a lot. But we are limited and so are our examinations. But the Holy Spirit is not limited. The Apostel Paul said that the Holy Spirit investigates everything, even the depths in God (2.Chor.2,12). Well, then it also investigates the world too and that need not be in conflict with science. But it also reveals Jesus for us, so that he makes God known to us and this is of great value to us and so it is for the world.

Abraham lived 1800 years BC. By king David and king Salomo Israel was at the top of their power, including the land all the way to Euphrat, this was 1000-900 BC. The prophet Jeremia lived 625-587 BC. He said to them that they had fallen away from God, “the spring of living water”. Nebukadnesar, the king of Babylon will invade their country and it is by God’s will, so they better give up and let him take over. So it happened. And Thales, the first greek natur philosopher lived about 585 BC. He said “everything is water”. It is a strange saying, meaning that there is a rationality behind the visible natur.

What is knowledge?

A woman claimed that there is not knowledge outside science.

I answered:

When you go out and see other people and talk with them, you get to know them. You don’t use much of scientific methods, do you? You don’t even think of it. If you say you will use scientific methods to get to know them, I think they will be scared. Some of them might ask if you are a spy, who do you serve? If you can’t give an answer they might be even more scared.…..Sure I don’t know you, I use the word “you” more in the meaning of anyone. I looked at that link and find that knowledge is for example: “the fact or condition of being aware of something”. And I get to know other people by beeing aware of them.So if somebody mean they get to know other people without being aware of them, I would suspect that this in not true and real knowledge.Do you really mean to say that you get to know somebody without being aware of them, so you have got husband and children and got to know them without being aware of them?

This shows that there is an interest of sorting out some people to be better and more lucky than others, in this case og somebody who knows and other people that don’t? There may be both economic, political and religious interest behind it.

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