Why I blog? People are busy, how to use our free time well?

People are busy trying to do their best at school and in work, to make carrier and make money. And in the free time, nowadays, they look television or surf on internet to get news. And on Saturday and Sunday they may have a trip. And they use free time on sport.

But Jesus advised us to search the kingdom of God in our homes and in congregations. So he told me to do and to go out and tell other people about him. He would go with me and just I few words could be enough for him to do something great. It was not may task to convince the world about sin, judgement and righteousness, for he had sent the Holy Spirit to the world, so that it shall do it. He gives us the Holy Spirit and it reveals God’s Word for us, in this way it gives us good news from heaven and we shall go out and bring it to other people.

Now we can also surf on internett and tell it to other people here. That’s good and this I will try to do here. But it does not replace to go out and meet people face to face. Rather it shall encourage us to do so and make it easier. When we meet other people there might be quite a lot to talk about, but the gospel of Jesus Christ always comes in addition, basically it is also a method to come in contact with other people. We have got society with God, then we also get society with each others.

Personal presentation.

I am from Norway, west-coast on half the way from Bergen to Trondheim, where the coast bends. We had a small farm with a couple of cows and a few sheep. We had view over the fjord, out to the islands and the big ocean.  I was in America before I was borne, made in Chicago, but borne in Norway in November 1957.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church and was early taken to smaller Christian meeting and I am glad I was thought to believe in Jesus and call upon him as may savior and Lord. When I went to high-school in Volda, I went to some free churches where there came messages as translation of “speaks in tongues” and I recognized that he was talking to me and answered my praying this way. He has continued to do so later and these messages are important to me. He is God’s Word, so he is the correct answer to our fundamental praying, our need of salvation from God and the solution to our fundamental problem. So he is for me and so he will be for many people, anyone who repent to him.

After high-school I have been working as a fisherman on trawlers, along the coast from the south to the north of Norway, Barents see, by Svalbard, Bear Island, Iceland, Greenland, New Foundland and by New Zealand. I am in the middle of the picture, standing on a big catch of redfish, we were fishing just south-west of the 200-mile zone around Iceland.

I have also studied mathematics, programming, physics, chemistry, biology and basic courses in geology and astronomy. Not very advanced, but I have a wide fundament.

The last Adam and his garden.

Adam and Eve should cultivate and protect the garden of Eden and this is still our task anywhere else also, I think this way, both about agriculture, fishery, science and technology, and may very well write about all these subjects. But now Jesus is the last Adam, who is from heaven and for us he has become a spirit that gives life to our soul and wakes us up to live in society with God.

We believe in Jesus and our heavenly Father at the same time as we live in this world, so our faith does not replace practical work, natural sciences, mathematics and technology. We may very well talk about it, but our faith comes in addition to it, not to replace it. If somebody starts to thinks it shall replace it, to change the world or something like that, as if that was our task, it may even start to become dangerous. Then it is crucial for us to remember that Jesus died instead of us and to understand the meaning of it in our daily life. Jesus is God’s Word and it is spirit and life to us (Joh.6). It is fundamental new and of great value both to us and to the world.

Surely “something” is to be replaced, but what? That’s up to the world to find out and when it does, it gets a better understanding and develops to something better. But it will not manage to do so by itself, since the world and the universe din not create itself. The prophesy is that it will end in disaster on dooms day, but the point is that Jesus saves us and gives us eternal life, so he will also save us on dooms day. God makes everything new, but he starts already now, creating something new in our heart, with his Word and his Spirit. God created it all and he is still doing his work and will succeed in what he has planned.

When we go out and faces the world with its problems, we find that we have need of revelation to solve it. But is it relevant, or how should it become relevant? Anyway, it is important for us to let the Holy Spirit reveal for us how Jesus is the solution to the problems, so that we see that it becomes relevant in the situation we are in. First of all we must talk with him about the problems, so that we see how he is the solution to them, in this way we see and find the good chances we get to tell about him and talk about him. That’s why and that’s how it becomes important for us to do so.

Torbjørn Sivertstøl

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